Letters: Andrew retorts

If I could only punch you.

What’s wrong with you? You only get to write me once a week and you blow the chance by taking up some stupid jealousy! Why are you confused and what gets you on in a second?! Claire, let me make one thing very clear to you

It was really bad of me to write that way, I understand. I regret. But you’ve got to understand that May is my cousin and she likes hearing from me. And, frankly speaking its her Mom behind all this. I mentioned her, not to bring you in a crowd, but just to inform about the only people who write because if I didn’t… you would’ve honestly blown apart soon. Accept it. So truly do that.

How long have we been together? Come on. Think. School. College. Now I am off doing Literature and Spiritual studies, and you are doing medicine. But after all this time what do I have to do to tell you that no matter how many people come and go in my life YOU WILL ALWAYS REMAIN THE BEST FRIEND AND COMPANION I EVER HAD! Gosh, you make me angry. I literally broke the pen in my hand thinking of what to write

Jee. It’s ok. We are cool. I am sorry for doing that and I promise it won’t happen (duh) (you LOVE making me apologize don’t ya?)

First we are starting off with Anthropology. Boy it’s like doing history all over again. I have two room mates, Som and Niran. Both are from Thailand. Cool people. Kind of made friends with them. It’s a tough routine man. But I like that =D. I’ll write more about them when you fix your attitude next time, come on I want that letter pad back! I like Flash staring at me every time I open my drawer. Haha

That’s all for this week. Write something nice ok, Or else you know.. May writes so sweet.. I almost expect honey dripping from the flowery letter smelling so.. girl I am intoxicated =D

See ya, You being away makes a huge difference, you idiot

Writing while sitting on a sturdy tree branch, in my blue jeans (wink)


P.s I ALMOST FORGOT IN MY ANGER… YOU GOT IN!!!!!!!! WOWIE! That’s incredible! ! ! Where? When? What’s happening now? When ya going to Med school? Write all about it and write big and long. Ok. =)

Letters: Claire’s turn


May writes to you. Oh great. And my and letters of your family and so called *friends* are the same, right. Ahan. Ok. I’m glad you told me before she met me in the hallway, opening your letter. Thanks a lot Andrew. That was really comforting to know. Who am I? Just a person in a crowd. I’ll find my own way. Thank you very much

I changed the letter pad. I know it’ll make no difference since you have a lot many people to write such nicer things to you. You feel for all of them, you feel for everyone I am no new person for you to understand and feel for.

I got into the Med school and am going away in a few days. Hope you’ll write soon. I am happy that you love where you are. Guess what- I don’t.


Letter One: Claire writes

Okay, This is really strange

I know you asked me to write letters since your stupid boarding house does not let you use internet for communication. What sick rule is that and what sick place is it! And you are not supposed to have cellphones, what are you training to be, a nun? Come on man you have no idea I had to go to the store to buy this “super-hero” letter pad. Well, kind of cool yes but this sounds so STUPID. This is the third time I am writing I just trashed two beautiful pages (The letter-pad is kinda expensive ok) 

Al-right, as far as I remember letter writing, we start with asking about person’s health, right? Hey Andrew how are you? I hope you had really bad food accompanied by really bad bowel movements. Yeah that’s right. I am not concerned. As for my health.. you are so surely not concerned either.. So I am not wasting my pen (I bought it at the stationery store around the corner, man can you believe I got such cool batman sticker with it! I pasted it on my pc, yes that’s right, you are so jealous :D)

Ok now you are smiling or yawning if you are reading it for the second time. I am really bored over here. Just.. so bored. I should have made more friends before you left for your stupid training. I mean, it is so idiotically vacant and distressing to check my phone and read a couple of texts from the crazy blood sucking phone company. I am just going on and on right? Huh well, this is my first time writing a letter you know (and probably your first time reading it)

Well. I wrote a really nice poem but somehow it got deleted and I can’t write the same thing again. It is so lonely I mean huh. I really have nothing to say I am just missing you. I mean yeah right I am,shut up. Will you write me back soon? This is so romantic lol (I still care for this expression) but of course, I am not interested =P

So I guess. Well, I mean. Everybody misunderstands me here. The difference is now I care because I am alone. They think I am just a stupid old cheat and I care what they think because these are stupid people I have to hang out with. Even my room-mate called me a freak last night. I cried all night you have no idea. She thought I left for the auditorium without her on purpose so that she misses all that while I was already in there when the whole briefing started and I couldn’t leave because Professor was standing by the door and well I wouldn’t get a seat of I left and came back..

I don’t care. I know I have a friend who is somewhere in the world who understands me no matter what. I am right, right? Gosh.. I didn’t wanna sound like a cry baby alright that’s it write back soon, I hate you, oh I so deeply do.

WAIT. There are a few questions I wanted to ask before but got caught: How’s food? How’s your room? Made new friends? What is the training like? What are the professors like? Having fun? Are there mosquitoes and flies?

Love, Bbye :)


P.s I love the concept of P.s and I have thought of many cool P.s’ but still can’t come up with one. Still *keep your fingers crossed*