The eyes told what heart felt

I saw it all; Everything raced past my eyes and I drank it. The green had all its shades and they all settled within me, settled within the dark brown of my eyes. I swear my eyes changed, changed to a colour even deep and even beautiful. Then the sun came out; draping all over the mountains. The gold came in my eyes too. A rich amalgam flecked my eyes. I did not close them. I saw it, I drank it

The journey,it ended. But the colour in my eyes, the colour in my heart remained. I watched the bland world with them. The cars the buildings. The rotting hearts the raging smoke. Before I knew.. something happened. My eyes became gray. A dull black colour replaced all that had changed in me once..

But then, oh, something would sting me. Some cruel word, some careless gesture. I would wait for the night. Then it would all break.Tears will come and eyes would burn. The gray would be washed away. The brown would have returned. The one I was born with. The one’s my father had..

But till then I will not look in the mirror. Till then I will mourn for the gold, I will yearn for the green. I’ll live with the gray,oh, I’ll wait for the tears…


Thoughts and a Scare

Another day, full of horrors went down. Went to the store bought a HUGE DIARY for myself. Well spent 750 rupees. That is about I dunno.. 9 dollars? But it has a good amount of bulk in it and I can write my capillaries out. Brown. Heavy. But beautiful. Finally I’ll go back to my journal, given that blogging era ticks to an end.

I was thinking, what to put on the first page. My first diary had:

This is my letter to the world,
That never wrote to me,– 
The simple news that Nature told, 
With tender majesty. 
Her message is committed 
To hands I cannot see; 
For love of her, sweet countrymen,
Judge tenderly of me!

~Emily Dickinson

And that was 2006. And my last (fifth diary) had

Yeah I’m a Zombie, aint nobody perfect

Now I think I’lll choose something frost again.. my fourth diary had the poem:

Now close all the windows..


Now to the scary part that made me jump out of my body

I might not get into the hostel of the college so far away from my hometown. It’s killing me deep in. I’m tired already of the problems cropping up from the unknown. Now this

Oh my brain screams