Are you dumb because you know me not, or dumb because you know?


It’s a long journey when you have to walk from the class to the bus stand when you are walking alone. With friends the distance seems like hardly anything. But talking about this again and again makes no difference. It’s not like it’ll change anything. Anything. It happened in the past and nothing I say will stop it to happen again. When a friend starts to hurt and the remorse starts to evaporate soon enough… a time soon comes when the remorse is not felt at all. Why does that happen? I have no freaking idea. Maybe we get adapted to one thing and then we don’t feel it at all

I don’t make a lot of friends. It’s not my habit, it’s not in my power. When I made a best friend I thought I would never have to make another friend ever again.

But I have been left out. Once, twice,thrice many times. Sometimes it feels as if it’s a lie I tell myself everyday I wake up and every night I sleep.

Well. I am waiting for the day it starts to make no difference to me too.. And boy I have been waiting for a long time..

(Title: Frost’s Flower Gathering)