Balderdash Thoughts, Medicine: Final Year

Letter of Resignation

I cannot help you. This evening I went out to buy some yogurt. I wore my warmest socks and my coziest sweater and wrapped a nice thick scarf around my head because it was really cold outside. Had a chilly five-minute walk. I don’t have many of these left here since med school finishes soon.… Continue reading Letter of Resignation

Balderdash Thoughts, Medicine: Year 3

Some things are just not good for you, but are great for others

Social networks are great. Movie Theaters are great. Expensive restaurants are great. Less expensiveones are awesome. Going to them with friends is great. Making lots of friends is great. Talking is great. People and what they do is just..great But I hate all of this and all of them. I despise it all. It makes the… Continue reading Some things are just not good for you, but are great for others

Medicine: Year 2

It’s been a while; I know

Years later if my kids ask me what was the best part or best era of my life.. I would give them a straight narrowed look.. with a secretive knowing smile.. Being a student. Being a student Now this seems to be a very.. straightforward and boring answer. But really. It is the best part… Continue reading It’s been a while; I know