I just didn’t wanna come back


It’s not everyday you get the break you just need. Whether you really deserve it,though, is subjective.

It’s like escaping into another world, far from your insecurities and troubles. Forgetting everyone and everything. People you love, people you hate. They are all there, somewhere in the blurriness of your memories but come walk a while early in the morning breathing clean air, wearing black socks and for a second even they don’t exist. It can be beautiful, ironic still though. Not to exist and then wipe out existence of all you know. It clears the head for a while. Makes you breathe as if you felt your lungs for the first time

Happiness is so overrated. Just like pain is so clichéd. It’s everywhere, it’s in everyone. As I got up from my seat and picked up my bag and started to walk down those stairs from the plane I felt my heart sinking into a pit that, though narrow, was still there. I didn’t wanna go back. I didn’t wanna exist again. I didn’t want so many to exist in my heart, mind and life again. I just didn’t wanna come back. There was peace in my heart and no pain in my mind. I have always been virtual. But it had always stung.

Peace is so overrated too by the way =_=

Anyways let’s go get some Hardees and chill, I am starving  =D



It’s been a while; I know

Rosy world

Years later if my kids ask me what was the best part or best era of my life.. I would give them a straight narrowed look.. with a secretive knowing smile.. Being a student. Being a student

Now this seems to be a very.. straightforward and boring answer. But really. It is the best part of my life. I am not saying I love medicine I love science.. This was my mother’s dream and I have absolutely no regrets in doing what she wanted me to do. Sure life would’ve been different if I had pursued literature, like my sister. But then it had always been a..hobby.. something to think about while sitting on my sofa back at Dad’s place.. Or something to keep me company as I travelled that long journey back and forth from school. Boy it was a long journey.. that part of me seems so far away but..still.. I loved all of it

Yes. I love it. I love whining about my studies. I love saying BUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (enough) when the lecture keeps droning on. I love twirling my pen, which I always lose before the day ends. I love having written conversations on the sides of my notes. I love taking notes and twisting everything my teacher says. I love wiggling through that crushing crowd infront of the notice board to find what grades I got in certain test.. I love giving my Professors feisty names. Years later.. God I am gonna miss this. I am gonna miss this all

But who knows.. God gives me a better tomorrow to love. I am not saying everything is perfect.. but today ain’t that bad either….

I know it has been so long I wrote.

But then again.. who missed me.. ? =)

But yeah, I missed Wp


images (1)Rainbow


You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me

What’s an inspiration? Something that gets a hold of me. Beckons me to get carried away in a whirl of thoughts, emotions and ideas. Something that makes me sit, uncap a pen a fill away the pages in front of me. For me, it is to write. For you, it might be so much more. Cook, draw, paint, sing. Something that brings out the inner us. The better. The great. That’s what you really are. That’s the place of utter content. The deeper wishes. The deeper you.

Being warm in winters. That’s just as if you found a key into my brain. Or a path into my mind. Leading somewhere deeper and so.. peaceful. Sipping tea, that is not that sweet but enough to jingle with my palate. Tea, not burning hot, but warm enough to sooth me. Holding the mug in my cold hands and brushing my nose over the hot handle, it feels.. satisfactory. Happiness is a great state of energy, marvellous state of the mind and the heart. But sometimes you don’t need happiness or devotion to soothe your soul

Trust me, a simple cup of tea would do just fine

Title: Quote by C.S. Lewis