The Light The Dark

the dark and the light

When the light is dim, all weak and frail
It tells us the very outline, I hear
Whether it’s a man, a hound or a fly
Someone who knocks to enter my lair
But they say the brightness shows it all
The colour the shade the love and hate
The hound that stood, the man who crouched
The trick imitation that granted the pass
They fall at the hallway, some get a bit ahead
They walk they stumble, they run they fall
Nevertheless they never get too far
In the house of a Stygian relict
It makes me return to darkness and think
Their Light brought them here, light made them knock
My Darkness caught up and swallowed the damned lot
Halves of the same whole, white and black
Partners and lovers, divided to trick
 I sit and smile at the nature’s game
And as I lean back, laughing up so hard
Light bursts through the window and death does me part


It is better to light just one little candle, then to stumble in the dark

There is light; yes. I have spent two days in the hall, lying on the sofa because I am too sick to move around. Watching movies and reading books to pass the time from dawn till dusk. I am glad I got sick. I am glad I read so much and saw such great stuff.

You know, there is darkness all around the world, oh yes. You read the paper, you watch the tv. You go around in public..You see people backstabbing each other, you see people shooting and killing. You see blood. You see pain. Sometimes I feel the Earth crying beneath me. When I see the red skies I feel that scare tearing through my heart…

But that is the thing about the wrong, that is the thing about it being so prevalent. You know what… the darkness spreads around. It masks all that is beneath. It can manipulate, it can divide. It can scare and it can change things that took ages to build. It can shake the foundations. Yes, hatred can, deceit can, betrayal can, that gunshot that sucks the life out of you..that can

But you know the thing about light…you know the thing about hope…you know the thing about the good…. It is far greater than all the things that tend to destroy the soul in us. And it is its greatness that makes it so hard to achieve. Because to have it, you have to want it and be worthy of it. Don’t tell me the world is a rotting rat. Don’t tell me the world created is a sheer fallacy, don’t tell me God looks at this planet and sighs at His creation. No. No. No. There is so much light in the hearts. The light that is holding this world together. Let it be your smile, let it be mine. It is there. Something much more beautiful, something that surpasses all the sins and the eclipse you see

I am not being blindly optimistic. They shit in the world. They do things in the universe that are unimaginable and unforgivable. Who knows what hell fell on you, who knows what a blessed life I live. But if We all are given a choice to suffer each others pain.. we will all choose what we have and be on our way

Everything seems to be a secret, every game fixed before it is played, every person deceitful and every gesture fake and superfluous. I am not saying these things don’t exist.. I am not saying world is a very much better place to leave in. But you know what. This is the only place we have. You live once. Nobody stays forever. What if you cannot go out and change the world, what if circumstances cripple you to do so. I wanna go in my coffin knowing that the life I lived, no matter how much tainted it was, no matter what I saw and suffered of, if ever did, that I built something in me. I had that light in my heart. I made myself into someone worth being. I don’t wanna hand my soul away because it died way before it left my body. If my death brought one true tear in someone’s eye, or if my life brought anything good to somebody..

Believe me.

I would have lived it all

But then of courseThere could be more to it =)

Savvy =D

Outward bound

I am not a poet. I can only read poetry (which I extensively do). I write non rhyming curt pieces. But this one caught my eye while cleaning my closet. I don’t like this one.. I can write it well in prose..

@2009, January maybe

I have this feeling
The feeling so great
To kill that crawling insect
That one moving away

Here in my prison cell
Here in this cage
I feel poison and venom
I feel so much hate

That meager insect,
The one crawling away
Has everything I yearn for
And everything I pray

It can move away, free and unbound
It can face the world, without guilt or a doubt
And I stay here, bound and gagged
And I fight off the light coming through that crack

The light stings my eyes,
And tells me it is day
In the world that made it all dark for me,
In the world I have no say

The desire hits me once again
And I wish I had a stick or a stone
Or even a limb on my crippled body
To hit it before its gone

I fall on the ground, a debilated invalid,
and far from the one moving in the day.
And watch, with eyes clogged and weary,
The creature blocking the ray…