Balderdash Thoughts, Incidents

Standing Still

I wonder how stubborn and rubbery some of us are. How truly incorrigible. Unbreakable, infinite. History comes and goes, time and again, repeating itself, punishing us for the same mistakes over and over and we still stand there. Tall as ever, been hit so many times but still alive; breathing, smiling, laughing. It's that permanent… Continue reading Standing Still


No. 49

November 2009 Gee It has been so long.. Lost the poetry thingy. Have to revive it. Mission semi-possible! Aye! People assume I know nothing,That I'm deaf, dumb and blindA wreck, But, ah, not someone benign... But hear I can..That terrible soundThat silent screamingOf those torturous eyes But see I can..The thirst the lustThe unending hungerOf their prodigal hands But talk… Continue reading No. 49