Forever, and forever, farewell, Cassius! If we do meet again, why, we shall smile; If not, why then this parting was well made


Alright, I went. Had a classic session at the medical college. The people who did my medical aka interview were the nicest doctors I might ever meet. The surgery section, where my medical booklet was to be finally signed, had such a warm doctor and well. There you go. I am Officially a student of a Government Medical College

Now I leave on Sunday. If not, then definitely on Monday. Plus, my tummy has been hurting for two days. And as a result meat has been banned from my house, I never eat stuff again if it causes me a prolonged pain. Given that it is not junk food you know.. =D

Today I am going to, by the Grace of God, pack my stuff away. Probably visit my doctor too. Call my Uncle and Aunts. Sulk. Imma sulk the whole day

For me sulking is keeping my mouth shut and face absolutely expressionless. Why sulking? Yawn, I am so tired I need to restore my energy levels and 90% of my energy goes to my weird expression making and talking.   And mind you, sleeping for about 9 hours hasn’t helped me yet…

I wrote so much in my mind yesterday, But I do not have the energy to post that all travel journal and extended metaphors. It has been a while I wrote a short story too btw..

I think I’ll complete The Vampire Lestat today.



(Title: From Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar )