30th Novembers

30th November (IV) belated

I got up with sun stinging my eyes, someone banging at some door and my bladder threatening to burst. I woke up gruntled and went out. Took me a whole minute to recognize the fact that all my friends had gone to brunch and it was a whopping 12 26 pm So by this time,… Continue reading 30th November (IV) belated

30th Novembers

30th November (II)

I gotta write this at sometime and it has been days. Well. Yes. Birthday hit on 30th November, my second day back college. Exactly the way it happened last year. Blah It was the worst birthday ever. I am not going into the details but yeah, almost every one of my friends didn't remember. Those… Continue reading 30th November (II)

Balderdash Thoughts

Thoughts at 3 am

Well. I was up because of the fast and I had slept at 2 and my head was swimming and buzzing and screaming. So while slowly eating my mind was racing somewhere else. Surprisingly, my cousin, with whom I seldom talk, looked at my face and texted me later that was everything okay with me,… Continue reading Thoughts at 3 am