Curriculum Vitae, Medicine: Year 4

It’s No Treat Being In My Head

I bunked college today to come back early because I couldn't take a minute more of the pointless droll my Professor was trying to sell (offense intended). Stopped at the bakery to get bread for my friend, had a tiff with a cab driver, came back and stuffed myself with food and regretted it the moment… Continue reading It’s No Treat Being In My Head

Balderdash Thoughts

Breaking Points

  It's funny what things we learn every second day. And how bold we become when we've got nothing to lose, how crass when we just don't care, so absolutely brave when we accept the facts and how...utterly light when we are done facing the reality and moving on I've found a new way of… Continue reading Breaking Points

Balderdash Thoughts, Medicine: Year 3

Pick a card, any card

  So it all comes down to this. Making a choice. Getting to a decision. Turning iron heart and let that hate enter your veins again. God, it hasn't been so long since my blood was all clean.. Three years, I have had three years now. Blogging my life away. Writing stories, making up poems,… Continue reading Pick a card, any card

Balderdash Thoughts

Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.

Life's not sad and twisted all the time. Wedged right between the dull and the bad are some pretty satisfying times in life of a loner. Happy even, if one understands what that really is. Just go to the bank, get all the credit card problem fixed. Get the other card the ATM ate last… Continue reading Forget love, I’d rather fall in chocolate.


I just didn’t wanna come back

It's not everyday you get the break you just need. Whether you really deserve it,though, is subjective. It's like escaping into another world, far from your insecurities and troubles. Forgetting everyone and everything. People you love, people you hate. They are all there, somewhere in the blurriness of your memories but come walk a while… Continue reading I just didn’t wanna come back