Vaso-vagal syncope

Why am I writing? Because it’s 2 am in the morning again and my cheeks are red and flushed due to all the laughter.

I had my first Professional exam (anatomy) today. It went horrible. The paper was so difficult and reduced almost all my friends to tears. (Not me though, I am becoming pain-insensitive due to my spontaneous humour. It seldom leaves)

But I hugged a friend. I hugged someone for the third time in my life. Mom. Bubbly and now a friend who is one of the people I love to hang out with. She and her best friend are <3

And as we sat, late night, me sipping tea, Anne sipping coffee, Bubbly drinking water and my fourth roommate having mango juice.. (what the-). Everyone wrapped in warm blankets because my beloved winters are approaching. We laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed at the paper, at our lives, mostly made fun of Anne (which I am a big expert at =D). We all burst with laughter as I asked her not to die during our Profs because I seriously don’t have to drive her around to the doc and attend her funeral later. We made fun of all the mess we are stuck in. So far away from home.. screwed by what was perhaps the worst anatomy exam

I cannot breathe properly now though. Because of the episode of hysteria lol. I usually get that problem (ever since I went on the trip and my lungs gave away on a hill) I cradle my fragile arm and open the books we tossed away like two hours ago.

It’s as if the light in the heart started to glow again =)

Vasovagal syncope: Fainting triggered by emotional big bang,hehe

Plus I changed my ABOUT or that page on the upper right corner again. Do punch by !