Hold on

SO, before I started typing I made one big promise that.. HAIBAR do NOT sound pathetic in this post, do NOT make it look like you are the most miserable person in the world. OKAY? My blog is like a slow fire around the college and hostel. Everyone talks ter me like, hey you are the writer, right? You don’t look as if you can hold that kind of *emotions* in you. Great writing! And recently people are like, where are you? No posts, you are even dead on phone and fb. Hey Haibar, I think something has happened, hey haibar hey haibar…

Alright. Alright. Now that my room mates are away and I am stuck in this city due to some paperwork. Hello =)

I have no stories to tell. And I am sure you are not interested in my health or how-I-nearly-punched-a-girl-in-the-gut. Or that it has been raining on and off for so many days, or that I got a new room with two most  favourite people of mine. I am so sure you will not like to know about the wind that has been blowing since last evening. It messed up my mind. And that I read about ten books in past few days and that I am addicted to my pillow (I call it Ukulele).

Life’s good. Can’t complain. If you give me one word replies or feel no obligation to talk to me, then fine… I am really too tired to crawl out of my bed in the morning, with my arm killing me, making my eyes water as I clench my teeth. Come on…

Yeah I did t again. Sue me. (rolling eyes)

You know. I am afraid of reading some books, like they will tell me more than I want to know or show me something I have closed my eyes to. It’s lame yes but..huh.. like I am reading The Fault in Our Stars at the moment and I turn every page with a slight..fear (not literally ‘turn’, I have a Kindle, cough). The few pages I have read.. It’s about Cancer. And well. I have nothing more to say…

Definition of Balderdash, At your service

Oh I’ve got nothing to say

Nothing at all

Then why am I typing.. Nobody out there is waiting to read the crap I put here

Yes. I am disgruntled because I am helpless. Annoyed because I am disappointed. Irritated because I have nothing to say. Nothing to do. I should rename the blog from the Positive sign to a No-sign-whatsoever-so-get-the-hell-outta-here. Why do things stick to us so bad? Why can’t we just let things GO. Let them BE. I am so thoroughly huffed up. And when after my prayers my fluent tongue is out to curse I bite it back. Ok, let’s not be falsely modest things slip yeah but I try my level best to keep it mild. Wish world had a reset button. Or I had super powers so I could screw the hell outta people who have no regard for my feelings. Now you so clearly know I do have nothing to say I am just typing to keep my mind from straying and my tongue from getting real rash.. God I am so vulnerable

That’s it. I am done. The world can fall to pieces and I swear I don’t-give-a-damn. A nuclear war may start and all I am gonna do is bury my diaries (which I don’t write anymore, dang the blog) I am not gonna even care apologizing or saying those melodramatic “Goodbyes” and I have no one to hug farewell. One or two, maybe

Well. Sometimes we amaze ourselves. Ironic. The girl who would take a bullet for the people she loved is actually out to shoot them right now

It’ll pass yeah, Plus I have a big trip on in my plate. Plus I hate my new haircut. God I should bury myself now..

See ya,


Plus if you have something that annoys you or has irritated ya lately, My comments section is at yer service. Blah