Elastic Heart

Every few weeks, usually after when I deal with over 200 patients in a single day or over two days the utmost, a certain piece of my machinery breaks. Around patient number 152 I can feel the blow jogging that piece out of place and around the 167th patient, I can hear it hanging by… Continue reading Elastic Heart


Coming to you, straight from the ice-box (I)

I know it is hot outside, trust me I do. I was the same person who was sweating all my salts and water out in the morning, I do remember. But if you remind that to my fingers now, they will give you the stare of a lifetime, because, dear frozen. I am doing… Continue reading Coming to you, straight from the ice-box (I)



@ 2010 somewhere My hands are heavy, My arms are numb I can't sit hereMy brain is freezing,Body going taut. I can't just sit hereI see it all breaking,My life, my world, my truthall twisting, all shakening.With this broken soul of mineJacob I still sit here.... One of my meagre try-outs