Jacob and Cynthia: Names

Hey Cyn I gotta say something.
And It won’t be something sane I am sure Jake,and don’t call me ‘Sin’
You are so right.. Exactly. Don”t you think you have a really prehistoric name.. Plus it sounds like that of an old nurse and I almost am expecting you to come running with injections in your hand and squeaking “Yes Doctor the patient died and I found 50 dollars in his pocket, let’s go shop grocery”

I threw a heavy Gateway to Medicine at him. And as usual he ducked and my book got ripped into hundred parts. Scowling I got up while he threw his head and laughed his intestines out. I was irritated as hell. Moron. Like he had a great name. Jacob. Like son of an old fisherman. His name meant ‘to track or follow’.. and he lived up to it. Tracking anyone who went out with me. He even had an air of finding food in my backpack. He had senses of a dog, great likeliness aye =P

Well my name was fine =P Cynthia. Old yeah but it was after Mount Kynthos. Well it serves me right. Not anyone is as tall as I am.. plus it is also related to the Greek goddess of moon. I shuddered at even the idea of Jake knowing so much about my name. He’ll roast me alive with his sarcasm.

I am going out to play guitar, I am sick of so much science. I have worked so much,  staring at the book for one more stinking second now feels like a cyn. Sin aye
What’s the matter with you?
I just… lost my brand new book.
Oh come on We’ll fix it.
You will fix it.
Nah. Scotch tape will do.
Jack-O-lantern. You will pay. I bought that book just TODAY!!!
Yeah, plus bought one yesterday. By the way you”ve become a poet Cinnamon !

I got up to snatch away as she pulled another book from the rack. Girls have great tendencies, and this one was a tigress. Or maybe a brave cat. Nah. Stray cat. I will google her name today. Who in the right mind names their child so ancient? Well um mine did……. and so did her parents. Objection overruled. Gah

Easy easy I will fix it and wrap it and put it in a plate and serve it tomorrow. Okhay?
Ha. Good. So you were talking about guitars..
Yeah I was.. I am going to play through the evening, got to shove away all the science from my mind.
Um, Shall I join?
There are gonna be bunch of guys. Sebastian, Henry, Kamal, Adam all are coming. Feel free =P
Oh. Alright. Go then. Bye 

Yeah. He has to play with the bunch of morons. I wanted to see guitars too. I had memorised so much about them, researched on them, drew them. It was one of the many reasons I became a friend of this Mr. Jacket Potato. The English word guitar, the German gitarre, and the French guitare were adopted from the Spanish guitarra, which comes from the Andalusian Arabic قيثارةر qitara, itself derived from the Latin cithara, which in turn came from the Ancient Greek κιθάρα kithara, and is thought to ultimately trace back to the Old Persian language. Tar means string in Persian. Courtesy Wikipedia. It makes an excellent tongue twister though. Almost like Betty bought butter but butter was bitter butter so she bought a bit of bitter butter to make bitter butter better butter. Yeah. Look. He didn’t even say anything. Fine. He will buy me a new book. That’s it, No taping and gluing and whatever he is gonna do to my book.

Look Cyn, one second, You threw that book at me and its your fault. I will help you fix it I promise. Like holding the book while you…
You pay, of course I will sure give you a free ride to the store. Now don’t cry Nurse. I better get rolling :P

I ducked just in time as another book crashed into the wall. Gulp, It was the Dictionary of Biology.