What I am like during exams…

Well there are many alternate names I could use as a title for my blog…. Of all the times I mention them.
Anne.. Bro.. Stance.. Mood swings.. Peace or

YEAH! Another physics blunder and I feel like busting someone’s cecum apart. Why.. why and WHY does something go wrong when I am stuck with dear old PHYSICS?

Oh yes. Had a practical exam. Blunder number one
Why does a curve occur when I tend to draw a straight line and why do I always get a straight line when I tend to draw a curve??!!

And yes.. Number two…There is that SLOPE of the graph! And why do I always mess up with the scale? Why were all the first ten roll numbers given CHAIRS to sit while drawing a graph and rest of the fifteen girls had to burn their fat away standing over those DAMN tables? And me being a tall one had to crouch over them.. And had to compose a literary face fixed with glasses because Sire Examiner was observing me very closely!!! Why I had not even a single friend in my batch… All crazy girls from next section. If you think your life is hell then I do invite you to switch places with me during my practical exams!

And then… there was this EXAMINER
And the non existent questions he asked me in viva!
Then he would smirk and ask me.. alright what is the charge on gamma rays
No charge Sir. They are photons.
How many holes are there in a conduction band?
Get lost man. I hate you.

Then then there was this second graph about semi conductor diodes.
And of course.. there was this SLOPE! And I was like.. not again Sire.. not again

And why did I forget that innocent little screw gauge that had an error of 39!!!
Screw you people. Screw you in the same screw gauge and calculate the diameters of your squashed brains without zero correction.

And then he was asking so innocent questions from some people!!! Which device has more resistance.. Voltmeter or Galvanometer and I was like HELL WHY NOT ME. What is the unit of Spring constant.. Pressure… Wieght…Capacitance and Muma I hate these people.

And yeah… I accidentally looked at the door and saw my Mum peeking through the glass. I was like… I’m ok Mum… Stop freaking me out… FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE

And ha.. there was this girl. She straight went for her viva and tossed her hair and said…Sir I am not going to answer anything I guess my dad had a talk… And he said SPEAK LOW GIRL and I… of course… with my super sharp ears heard it and turned back and watched the examiner through narrowed eyes over my glasses… I got you man.. I got you

But ha.. That was just to pass time because a girl next to me was copying the scale I used for the graph. I don’t care what these screwed up old fat examiners do…. They won’t change (so won’t we) And as I was on my way back home I felt distantly sad. I prayed that I would live to see this system change… I wished I would see the clarity and real effort coming forward… And all I prayed was.. Lord make chemistry go awesome..

And Of course… When I came out of the lab after Chemistry the second day.. All I thought was..yeah.. He listens…=) Happy Aye!