Balderdash Thoughts

One of those things.. you know

There's that moment when you feel that thing creeping up at the back of your mind, at the surface of your heart and the tip of your tongue. That urge that beautiful flow of words you know you can write down. You have been staring at blank pages and empty screen for days. Nothing to… Continue reading One of those things.. you know

Medicine: Year 2


GOD I have been putting off SO much and now HELL I have to write this because, OCD or what, this thing is bugging me. I never wrote the new year thingy, I never gave away all the awards I got, not did I ever even write on the fact that I hit 100,000 hits,… Continue reading I-am-lazy-I-am-busy-but-I-still-love-you-all

Balderdash Thoughts

I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours

It's the stupid feeling when you look at yourself and feel that how stupid you are being, how melodramatic and so absolutely obvious. I am saying this because I am feeling optimistic, I am saying this because I just rinsed my face with ice-cold water and feel new. I am saying this because I know… Continue reading I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours

Balderdash Thoughts

To the Thawing Wind

I am sitting near the balcony, my legs are dangling through the metal bars.. long they are and ridiculous I look. But there is no one to see.. Nobody to snigger and point. I am so nicely shielded, with the gusts of wind perfecting the situation. Now I can just sit here and think.. and… Continue reading To the Thawing Wind

Balderdash Thoughts

The Vagabond

It feels so smooth. It feels so cool. Just like walking on an empty road in the evening. Moving slowly. No hurry. No worries. The night is going to come, the Sun is gonna sink.. But doesn't it do so every day? This is something that happens and has been happening ever-since. The Sun comes… Continue reading The Vagabond


One Step Backward Taken

Not only sands and gravels Were once more on their travels, But gulping muddy gallons Great boulders off their balance Bumped heads together dully And started down the gully. Whole capes caked off in slices. I felt my standpoint shaken In the universal crisis. But with one step backward taken I saved myself from going.… Continue reading One Step Backward Taken