Cleopatra and Alexandria and Sawyer in my Fortress of Solitude

Now who are these three additions to my sweet sweet life?

These are the some really persistent visitors. To understand them one really has to understand a bit about my room

train view

I chose it on an impulse. All my friends including Sidney and Kate got rooms in this really secluded corridor and wanted me to get one there too. So I enter this room, and at a whim I go, bam I want it. The energies felt just right. I still doesn’t have *It’s my room* sorta feeling but it has a beautiful air about it. Although later day by day I found the closet was all dented, the fans made one hell of a noise and the view from the window….just wasn’t that mouth-watering. But I guess these are the small imperfections that make someone or something just so damn perfect. And patience.. I guess it pays off too


So I have a visitor who comes by everyday. I remember when she first came I was terrified. I thought she was gonna harm me and sting me in the ass but..she didn’t. She just comes around and stays for a few minutes, and leaves. I love Cleopatra. I love that small angry orange wasp that scares the hell out of my friends



And then there is Alexandria. She is my wake up call. She comes every time the gods of slumber smile upon me and coo the hell out of them. I don’t know whether she sits above my window, or on the block right next to my building, I dunno I have never seen her but all I know is, on college days this bird wakes me up the moment I wanna get that five-minute extra sleep and on the Sunday she won’t let me miss the special breakfast they serve. And any chance of prolonging that afternoon nap? I DON’T THINK SO

Bird shadow


Okay, Sawyer (took it from Lost, my all time fav show) is a discrete fella. I don’t get to see him everyday but he too scared me a bit the first time. I mean when I saw that tiny jet black spider crawling over my WiFi went still for a few minutes. But I see him now and again and we pass by like strangers. Lol. I sound so cuckoo. But when at night the full moon shines directly on my bed, lighting up my room with this soft silvery glow…it just feels divine and all the crap in my life, if there is any, just evaporates in the sounds of my snores. Lol

Spider art

I don’t snore btw =_=

Well, it’s fun to be crazy sometimes. As long as you don’t tell your mom about it

Love. Haib

Starting from my table.. Straight into my Brain

I really have to write something down, given that either my friends are asleep, or way too tensed. Why? Yeah let’s write leave that

I love scene descriptions. I love watching things as they are and explaining them with a somewhat sober manner..Then entering into some state of mind. And I am not commenting on my Adjectives; Never been a great grammar student

Well. I am sitting on my chair. It is soft, maroon. A comfy office chair, bought by my Uncle in grade 9. I look around in my room, all brown. Everything is brown, Dark chocolate colour except for the Library and Carpet.. which happens to be caramel

My desk is littered with things from the skies above and soils beneath, wrappings from the new printer cartridges I (finally) got installed, wires coming from a hundred godforsaken sockets and pages flying all over the place. That’s right, I scatter more than I study

I see a small calender lying right in front of me, right next to a picture of me and my family, it has a big caption, right next to the Heading of September 2011, Bold letters saying SCREAM!!!! And explain my condition every time I look at the date 13 highlighted with blood-red. The date of the great Test… Or the date for the Gallows. Snap. Get out of my sight.

Let’s swing the chair around and see what’s behind, A medium bed. Hardly ever slept on. The mattress is excellent for people with bent spines, because I couldn’t look at my feet or bend down an inch since my last nap in here. Yup, I am usually and absolutely found snoring in the hall.

There is this huge ancient dressing table. Mum’s possessions. Oh God I hate it.. And all you could see up will be a moisturizer, some deodorant, some vaseline, a box full of all the tid bids my cousins ever gave me and of course, A giant bottle of some air freshener. Not to forget a hairbrush with stray hairs. If you look closely, you can spot the blue ball pen I lost yesterday. Darn it

I have two bins in my room. A tiny show piece and a huge real one hidden under my table. Both of them, have never been seen empty. You’ll find Cornetto and Lays wrappers along with the discarded study time tables and stick notes that won’t stick now..

Well. let’s get over with the balderdash. I have been both angry, content and laughing this week.. I mean.. what.. the most hilarious thing is to watch hypocrites and liars talk about virtues.. Your secrets and stuff? disembowelled, Your dignity? Stomped and humiliated.. Now we talk about virtue.. owww. My mouth is full with disgust and venom. People.. Be what you say. Be a man/woman/child of your words. I don’t believe in indirect approach. But you know.. a time comes when we just don’t care…

If you love someone.. love.. hate someone.. try not to but ok go on with the dislike… Left someone? Oh Baba just let go now! Nobody is dying for anybody.. People fall they get up fall again and eventually this may take time but they learn how to walk ahead and walk past. I don’t know how you can live knowing how much your actions affected someone. I mean if I talk about myself.. I never called anyone from my dead and wretched past.. Want to stick around.. I gave a chance.. Don’t make my life hell! Just.. leave.. me.. alone!

Whenever people fall.. like I did.. They say.. the same old thing. ‘I will create a new life, I will start over’ I said that too.. and I did that. I accomplished it all. Change is the only permanent thing in nature and as my potato friend said that no matter what.. we have to be ready to LET GO

It is not debatable. Life is different for every single one of us. Some of us are ahead some are behind in the long run. But you know what.. you have to make it! Walk through the roads less travelled by or elbow through the crowds! Chose what you want, see what you need. We never really get to make choices.. but dammit we have to live here!

And as for myself? I have all I need, with my God above and friends beneath. With my folks and my family… I don’t miss anything I once had, anything I once might have been. I cherish what I have become and guys …. have your own life. May Karma ******* you up

Pardon. Really. I don’t care

May Allah give us all the power to move on with faith.. Call Him any of the words you have chosen to.. But you know what my Lord.. You put me on right path… And help me through the storms till the end now.. Healed I may be, sensible I may have become.. I just don’t have that love to give anymore… Goodnight =) Meow