I Sijo. And I doubt that

My first try on the six lined modern format of Sijo

How does it feel, when someone sings your song?
He never stole those words. He wrote them all
The melody you found, those lyrics half formed
The heart that broke, the tears that came on
Now they come again as I hear my tune
Far from my window as he sings his song…


I Sijo



And if you come knock my door now, I will clearly not ask you why
I will breathe in this wild northern wind, I will scream to the clear blue sky
With my life complete with the ones I love, I will slam this door shut  


My tears fall, I go on. Don’t hear my heart I so deny my soul
I see you stand I don’t stop, when there you sit behind. I climb to the top
I walk west and I walk straight. I walk this way to lead you astray.

Note: Sijo is not supposed to rhyme but I am not able to give it that musical quality until I don’t rhyme the lines, my apologies.. but it is more important to make it sing song :http://thenegativesign.wordpress.com/sijo/                                                                                                                           

I Sijo

And I would light you a fire and I would show you the way
If you walk with me for a while, I will tell you stories and tales
And if you don’t heed my call, I shall take my path and let you stray…
I always have something to say,there always is some thought to try on
Through these cold streets and warm lights, walking when happy or alone
There always is a song to sing, I always have a memory to cry on..