Jacob and Cynthia: Someday

I am sorry Jake
Makes no difference
I mean it man.. Come on
I apologize
Save your breath

I held myself down, I could feel my hands and legs trembling as my temper rose. I repeatedly told myself that it was not my position to be angry but I had never apologized before.. Nor had I made such big a mistake. I meant no harm… I never did. It was a mistake.. And I was sorry. How much will he fight? For crying out loud I KNOW he is a guy but can’t guys just act human? He misses his friend like hell!! The other friends are not like him! I had invited Aaron for him! But no.. He was kicking a tantrum. Not talking, not replying and now in this sick library I feel like breaking the melon of his head into two!

I am gonna keep calling you until you dont drop this stupidity
Ha, talking about stupidity, I can’t look him in the eye just because of the silly fact that I let you hold my cell phone FOR ONE STINKING SECOND. Remind me Cyn.. I am never to trust you again
Oh. Sorry. Jacob.. You are never to trust me again

Oh crap. I looked up at her finally and she was staring at her hands. Great. I had said too much. But.. but I wanted to just vanish away in the earth for what she had done.. It was a get together at MY place. Only BOYS were to come. And she texted Aaron as me! That I invited him! We had gone our ways…. Things had changed… I dint care what and who he was. I just wanted to have some peace and CYN HAD TO DESTROY IT. Why can’t she just.. mind her own business?

Ok. Alright. Cyn. I get it. It’s ok.
Nay.. It’s not ok.. I am so sorry
Are you?
Aren’t I?
Yeah, of course you are. Let’s, let’s call it a day. Come on let’s leave

I will not give in.. I will not breakdown infront of him. He’ll never forgive me. What an idiot I am .. what do I care if a bunch of boys, forget an eleven year old friendship over a girl whom none of them will ever see again? How thick can one be? What was I thinking.. I did that for him and I am apologizing now and he’s acting so diffident Moron. idiot. I am never doing anything for him EVAR.

I’m not going, I have to complete some work
You did it all yesterday
I still have pharma and histology to work on

I pushed the door open and came out into the grounds. Irritation ripping every part of my body. Now I have to face her too.. why can’t the world just leave me alone and focus on what they have in their lives? Now what.. go in face her or go out and watch Aaron smirking inwardly? One day I am gonna end up drowning them, or Hell I wish I had a blender in which I could smash their brains and be done with all this. Groan

You forgot your library card. Jughead
Oh right, what would I do without you =D
You do know I hate you so dearly.
The feeling.. My friend.. Is mutual =D
I am not kidding
Neither am I
Shut up Jake
Try me.
I hate you
I despise you
You are a moron
Fine I’ll pay for lunch today…
Now we’re getting somewhere =D
I am sorry Jake. I really am
Let’s leave it now shall we? Or you’re gonna lose the free meal
Okay, but I wanna know what really happened
Someday… Huff.. alright..