My stuff from “the Negative Sign”

I started that blog to experiment stuff and I do that a lot so here is a some of the stuff over weeks I’d say


Day 1

Going deeper
And deeper still
Diamond Supreme Foam

Day 2

Lied, laughed, lived
Three seasons did go ahead
Then a  summer death

Day 3

Out from the lonely Hall,
A long lasted test in Summer
Your dead body, My tired soul

Day 4

Packed, gathered
An Autumn trip to boredom
Uncle oh Uncle…

Day 5

Emails, ninety nine
Sitting up all night in Summer
Waiting for the one

Day 6

Walking along the way
I now lost a friend, old mate

Day 7

Four choices lie 
One answer to choose
Multiple choices.. ah the Mcqs!!

Day 8

After the storm
I hold a little sparrow
Dead home, broken song

Day 9

Dad’s watch
Ticks on my wrist

Day 10

Sweat touches my brow
As I mow the wet grass
A midsummer morning

Day 11

Cold December wind,
Walking through the fields one morning
Blew my shawl away

Day 12

There was pain in my arms
And in my brain I knew the imaginary never existed 
Still, the phrase hurts


Day 13

One late afternoon
Dancing jumping racing squirrels
Disappeared in my tree

The Negative Sign