The eyes told what heart felt

I saw it all; Everything raced past my eyes and I drank it. The green had all its shades and they all settled within me, settled within the dark brown of my eyes. I swear my eyes changed, changed to a colour even deep and even beautiful. Then the sun came out; draping all over the mountains. The gold came in my eyes too. A rich amalgam flecked my eyes. I did not close them. I saw it, I drank it

The journey,it ended. But the colour in my eyes, the colour in my heart remained. I watched the bland world with them. The cars the buildings. The rotting hearts the raging smoke. Before I knew.. something happened. My eyes became gray. A dull black colour replaced all that had changed in me once..

But then, oh, something would sting me. Some cruel word, some careless gesture. I would wait for the night. Then it would all break.Tears will come and eyes would burn. The gray would be washed away. The brown would have returned. The one I was born with. The one’s my father had..

But till then I will not look in the mirror. Till then I will mourn for the gold, I will yearn for the green. I’ll live with the gray,oh, I’ll wait for the tears…