Just a quick update, as I head home

I better hurry as I have ten minutes to make the next class

Passed Physiology in flying colours. That is one subject I seldom drop a question in. Passed the anatomy stage. Biochem viva went very queer as the examiner was more interested in my family background and hobbies than the fact that I dropped four questions out of eight. Just gave anatomy viva. My report card is marked with just one number… I always get the same average marks there. Come see my physiology card and suck on it

I pretty much hate everyone I meet now. Selfishness makes me vomit and there’s nothing more I can do about it but to keep away

My blog reached 60k… ain’t that something?

All for now



No.. Not again

Worst viva ever. Worst day ever. I hate everyone in the vicinity. What is the use of working all day long and all those nights and all that CRAP when I am gonna be stuck at the SCAPULAR ANASTOMOSIS! IS THIS THAT WHAT THE UPPER LIMB IS ALL ABOUT?????

Lord. I am so angry. I have an ospe within an hour or so with table spotting of all structures and radio-graphs and blah blah blah blah blah. I don’t even feel like going. I feel like setting the whole anatomy department on fire. I don’t even care if any Professor reads this post. YOU SUCK!



I think I am better off with physiology. At least things make sense. I swear I am never gonna respect nor care about anatomy ever again if I fail. I swear to God my hatred will never go.I have never failed in a a real subject, in a real test, in a real paper. ALLAH G!

Hate you anatomy. Hate you crazy Professors. I give yer the curse of constipation. Go have fun

First sub stage !!!

Guys and girls and grandpas! Medicine is fun!

Even for hopeless cases like me. Ahem. No one else is entitled to say that arright…

So let me relate the day of my first sub stage at my college. Now wait a sec, what is all this sub stage crap?

Oh its a darn big viva. Anatomy. Three sub stages and then a stage on each part of the body. We choose a portion (we don’t, the Professors do) cram all we can about it. Dissect cadavers aka dead bodies. Peel and cut and do nasty things. Pick up bones and start extracting the souls outta them. Cry the whole night before the sub stage because it has been moved from 24th to 22nd. Curse the acting Head of Anatomy department. Ask Allah for a kind examiner to ask us questions. Make all your friends who are not in Medicine crazy because THIS IS YOUR FIRST SUB STAGE

Then the day came.

I dressed in brown.. the colour I am most attuned to. Blurted best of luck to my mates, esp my room mate who had burned my ears whining about her prep. Got in the bus. Went into the college, searched my roll number and the designated Doctor. Roll number was called. I went in. Answered to who was perhaps the most polite teacher in the world. And took my report card back. And screamed when I saw it because OLA! I HAD PASSED!

Came out, faced a bunch of girls and guys who said KIA HUA?? (what happened?) I said Mut pucho mera damag hil gaya he.. but pass ho gai! (don’t ask my brain’s gone tweet.. but I passed!) and they all gulped as I shuffled off, taking my cell out and texting my friend. Boy I had rotten his ears for a long time. My room mate passed with distinction, and we had damn fun calling her Dr. Theta all day long.

Then I called my mom and as I was doing so my best friend came from the DH (Dissection Hall) calling home. We both blurted KIA HUA? And both said PASS! and then said Kitney number? (marks?) and both screamed 27!!! 

Boy that has to go in my golden memories list with her

And one other being the time we played That Awkward Moment in Embryology.

Story coming up soon!