And lonely as it is that loneliness Will be more lonely ere it be less— A blanker whiteness of benighted snow With no expression, nothing to express.

For a while let’s enjoy the imperfection instead of craving for the perfect. Perfect family, perfect friends, perfect apartment, perfect results, perfect food, perfect country. Let’s enjoy an imperfect day. Sit in that small strip of sweet sun because that’s the only place you can sit with that sweet warmth on your face. On the concrete floor. Take a shower after waiting for hot water all day. And end up with just a bucket of lukewarm water.  Let your hair dry in the blowing winds. Winds with just a tad amount of fine dust and cold. Wear your old pyjamas and worn out shirt that just won’t fit you anymore. Look at your cell, smiling, and knowing your friend won’t call nor text. Why go in and look for a better piece of dress, why wander out and look for a better place to sit, why go search for salt with the sour oranges in your hand.. Here have a piece and enjoy….This imperfect Sunday…


(Title: Frost’s Desert Places, I quote it so often ab to yaad ho jani chahiye =P)

Into my happiness

Never felt so hip and so hop. So pop and just so flop =P

If you could see me now.. I am sitting leg-deep on the wall of the pool. Water from the tubewell hitting me like boulders. I am wet. I am dripping, I am happy. Oh I am happy

And the best part is, Me myself is the reason for my happiness. Nobody called in or peeked saying or doing something that made me feel so alive, so content. It is my own existence, first time ever (maybe), making me happy. The feeling is hitting me harder than the splattering water, and every blow is making my soul glow. Wow that rhymed

Just God. Just Almighty. No one else. I see around and think of all those poets and writers. I never really believed when they talked about nature and greenery and all. Now look at me. Countryside fields. Green crops swaying gently in evening breeze. There. See. The big ball of Sun is sinking. This is so beautiful. Too much for me to take in. This happiness has to be spread. I can’t let it stay in me. It’s impossible for a person like me to enjoy a joy alone..

I look around. I swear my eyes have been shining. My wet bangs bounce on my shoulders. You see. Sometimes happiness penetrates us and when it returns to our skin.. pure light. Light illuminating all the dark parts of one’s heart. Light washing away my ills. I hear the cackle of my young cousins’ laughter and I smile wide. I look at my hands cold and wrinkled wet. I look at my trousers; spoiled and splattered. My eyes don’t stop. They are absorbing every single gesture and emotion they can.. I have never seen this side of me myself…

My kiddo cousin beckons me. He wants me to see how he jumps in water. I make a joke and everybody laughs aloud. I look at the Heavens and thank My Creator. When you are a believer.. Answers come easy…

Splashing water and making jokes….God I have never felt so innocent….